Error: "Service Smart Card (ScardSvr) Could not Be Stopped"

ID-software update or installation process can lead to a situation in which the installation process stops after some time and user gets an error message as described below in the picture.



Error describes a situation that service SCardSvr cannot be automatically stopped, since user does not have sufficient rights. This service owner is the system itself and the user would not be able normally stop running process.


To stop the service, do the following:

Leave ID-card software installation process in the background, and open the Windows Task Manager with key combination Ctrl+ Shift + Esc.
In the opened window, select the tab "Services" and find a from “Name” column service "SCardSvr". Necessary information is in the „service row“ in the “PID” column, PID number.

On example picture below the number is 1528.


Now, if you know the PID number, open the Windows command prompt.

To open Command Prompt use key combination Windows key + r, and lower left corner window opens. In this window type cmd and press Enter.





To Command Prompt window, enter the following command. taskkill / F / PID 1528 and press Enter.

Make sure that the PID number you entered is the number what was shown earlier in your Task Manager!.


If you entered the command successfully the following message is shown:

SUCCESS: The process with PID (number) has been terminated.


Now you can continue the installation by pressing "Retry" in the ID card software installation window.



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