What is server access certificate and what means "10 free digital signatures per month for regular customer"

What is server access certificate?

Access certificate gives access to SK ID Solutions AS validity confirmation service. Validity confirmation service will automatically add a electronic tag to digital signature which contains a timestamp and the validity information of certificates used for digital signing at that time.  
Without access certificate it is not possible to digitally sign in DigiDoc3 client.

From the ID software version 3.9 the access token is automatically installed with the ID software. The access token can only be updated when updating the ID software. Ordering the personal access token is no longer possible.

The latest ID software version can be downloaded at installer.id.ee. Mac OSX users can download the latest Digidoc3 Client from Apple App Store.

You do not need an access certificate if the network from which the validation certification query is made has the IP-based access to SK’s validation certification service. Contractual customers of the SK are provided with the IP-based access.


What means 10 digital signatures per month restriction?


As a private undertaking, the SK has made it its mission to provide the validation certification service to each ID-card holder or user for the digital signing of documents free of charge. This, unfortunately, implies certain limits as the administration, development and maintenance of the service results in costs that SK can only compensate for by selling the service.
Each holder of an ID-card, a digital ID-card (“digi-ID”) or a Mobile ID (“Mobiil-ID”) can provide a total of 10 digital signatures per month free of charge using the DigiDoc3 client or the DigiDoc Client. This number does not include the signatures provided for various e-services (online banking, the eesti.ee portal etc.); the number of signatures provided for e-services is not limited in any way. 

If you need the access to the validation certification service for occupational purposes, you have to order the access to SK’s validation certification service on the basis of the IP-address or an access certificate. You can order access at www.sk.ee.

However, if you wish to keep using the service free of charge in the amount exceeding the limit of 10 signatures, you can also use the web-based digital signing service on thehttp://www.eesti.ee portal managed by the state. It is a bit less comfortable than using the DigiDoc client, but it is a free opportunity the state has decided to provide for its citizens. 



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