Digital signing using Mobiil-ID in DigiDoc3 client

Follow these steps to digitally sign with Mobiil-ID in DigiDoc3 client:

Launch DigiDoc3 client;

  • Insert you phone number and personal identity code;


NB! Mobile phone number has to include country code: correct is 37253998877, incorrect 53998877.

  • From I want to: menu choose "Sign documents" 
  • Find and select the documents you want to digitally sign and choose "Open"

  • To continue with digital signing click "Sign" in the lower right corner of DigiDoc3 client. Shortly you will be displayed with control code, which will also be sent to your phone.


  • Your mobile phone should now have received a message and display the control code.


  • Check that the control codes in DigiDoc3 client and on the mobile phone screen match.
  • If they match, press OK on your mobile phone. 
  • Now you will be asked for Mobiil-ID PIN2 code, insert it.

Digital signing was successful if signature has been added to the container and you see similar outcome:

You will get a relevant error in DigiDoc3 client if there are any problems with digital signing. 

Possible error messages: session expired, wrong PIN2 code, digital signing was declined, mobile phone is turned off. In case of internet connection problems you will get an error that could not reach service provider and check your internet connection. 

In case of some errors you should try digital signing after waiting. If problems persistant, contact ID-card helpline.

NB! If you are using Mac OS X and get an error "Error 16 - Error in document parsing" the the solution can be found here.



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