Mozilla Firefox and ID-card usage

Most common reason why digital signing with eID card in e-services fails is that extension named Token signing status is Disabled.

Instructions for Firefox ver. 57 or newer you can find here (MacOS).

If you are not able to authenticate or sign digitally in e-services with eID card, then please check browser extensions named Firefox PKCS11 loader and Token Signing  configuration:

  • run Firefox;
  • on top right corner click on icon which has three (3) lines and choose 'Add-ons'

  • on the left click on 'Extensions', find 'Firefox PKCS11 loader (disabled)' and 'Token signing (disabled)', for both options click on 'Enable' and restart browser by clicking on blue text 'Restart now'

Now you should be able to authenticate to e-services with your eID card. Digital signing should be wo

If this article did not help you to solve the situation please inform ID-card helpline by calling 1777 (on abroad (+372) 677 3377) or send an e-mail to address abi at id dot ee.


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