Installing and removing ID-card software in Ubuntu

Installation of the ID card software

The easiest way to install the ID card software in Ubuntu is to use the automated script. 

Save the script to your computer drive and run it in the terminal window with the admin rights:

The script is available for download here. After you have downloaded the script, do the following:

  • Open the terminal and navigate to a catalogue where you saved the installation script;
  • To run the script, enter the command: "sh" (without quotes) and press the Enter key;
  • Enter the user password;
  • The terminal will display the question "Do you want yo continue? [Y/n]", enter the Y key from your keyboard and press Enter

If you use the Ubuntu version supported by the ID card software, the ID card software will be successfully installed.

Removal of the ID card software

To uninstall the ID card software, do the following:

  • Open the terminal, enter the command "sudo apt-get remove qesteidutil opensc" (without quotes), press the Enter key;
  • Enter the user password and press Enter once again;
  • After you’ve entered the password to the terminal, the system behaves as if nothing happened. Ignore that and press Enter;
  • If the question "Do you want to continue [Y/n]"is displayed, press the Y key on your keyboard and press Enter;

The ID card software and all related files have been successfully removed from your computer.


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