How to change and unblock Mobiil-ID PIN-codes

If you have forgotten your PIN1 or PIN2 code and you dont have a PUK code, then you need a new SIM-card because its not possible to issue new Mobiil-ID PIN codes.

Mobiil-ID PIN codes can be changed and unblocked in the mobile phone Mobiil-ID menu:

  • PIN codes and be unblocked with a valid PUK code

NB! PUK code will also be locked after 3 repeated incorrect entries. In case of locked or lost PUK codes the SIM-card has to be replaced.

  • PIN codes can be changed with a valid PIN code

If possible change your Mobiil-ID PIN1, PIN2 and PUK code immediately after receiving Mobile-ID SIM-card. Permitted code lengths are different:

PIN1 code must be within 4–8 digits

PIN2 code must be within 5–8 digits

PUK must be within 8 digits


Older versions

  • Under applications find Mobiil-ID/SIM-toolkit.
  • "Tühista blokeering" is for unblocking PIN codes and "Muuda koode"  for changing PUK and PIN codes. 



 New versions

  • Drag down the screen from the main menu
  • On the next menu find Mobil-id or service provider application
  • After opening application, there should be "Unblock" and "Change codes" options
  • "Unblock" is for unblocking PIN codes and "Change codes" for changing PUK and PIN codes



  • Open phone Settings and navigate to Mobile Data->SIM Applications
  • "Tühista blokeering" is for unblocking PIN-codes and "Muuda koode"  for changing PUK and PIN codes. 



Windows Phone

Apps menu -> Settings system -> cellular+SIM


cellular+SIM -> SIM settings -> SIM -> SIM applications


Mobiil-ID -> Muuda koode


  • "Tühista blokeering" is for unblocking PIN-codes and "Muuda koode"  for changingPUK and PIN codes. 

If you lose your Mobiil-ID SIM-card and/or PIN/PUK codes, please contact your mobile operator immediately for Mobiil-ID certificate closure to avoid any misuse. To reopen Mobiil-ID service you need a new SIM-card which can be received from your mobile operator office.

Usage reminder for PIN-codes 

  • Be certain to use different number combinations for PIN1,PIN2 and PUK.
  • Never use simple combinations (0000, 1111, 1234, etc.) for PIN code. Also, avoid using your birth date, the number of your house or apartment, etc.
  • To ensure your safety, keep your identification numbers apart from phone and in a place inaccessible to others.
  • Do not disclose PIN/PUK codes if you lend your mobile phone to another person!



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