Signing on web applications with the ID-card and digi-ID

Several signature plug-ins have been created for various operating systems and browsers and their API differs somewhat. In order to facilitate creating signature support for web applications, the JavaScript library was created. The library has a uniform API and allows using the various plug-ins – regardless of the operating system and browser of the user – in the same manner.


hwcrypto.js is a new JavaScript web signing component. Hwcrypto.js JavaScript component  is published at GitHub: The component's API documentation along with usage sample can be found here, old (NPAPI) and new (Native Messages API) digital signing module are supported in parallel. The new hwcrypto.js component can be tested at digital signing test page.

Sample application

It is possible to use the online signature PHP sample application that uses the hwcrypto.js for choosing the signature plug-in. It is created to demonstrate the ability of DigiDocService to add signature (with ID-card and Mobiil-ID), remove signature, add data file, remove data file and do verification of a document without actual datafiles. Additional info.

NB! Starting from ID-software version 3.7 the Java Applet and ActiveX browser signing plugin is not supported.

NBNB! The JavaScript library idCard.js is not supported anymore.


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