Test-OCSP service

The validity confirmation service or OCSP service allows you to ask for real-time information on the ID-card, a digi-ID and Mobiil-ID certificates. This service is used for both electronic personal identification solutions and digital signature applications.

The address of the TEST service is as follows: http://demo.sk.ee/ocsp

NB! We recommend that you use the TEST service for developing and testing new applications.

Using the TEST service is free of charge and there are no limitations on access. You will only need to register the certificate or certificates of the test ID-card or real ID-card (digi-ID) in the TEST service database at https://demo.sk.ee/upload_cert/

A sample application for performing a certificate validity check can be accessed here.

The validity verification service is provided by SK ID Solutions. Information regarding the possibilities for access, prices, etc., of the validity verification service can be accessed at http://www.sk.ee/en/services/validity-confirmation-services/




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