Error: "Service 'Smart Card' (SCardSvr) failed to start" during ID-card software installation in Windows 8

Installation of the ID-card software fails in Windows 8 operating system when no ID-card reader is connected to the computer.

Upon installation of the ID-card software an error message is displayed "Service 'Smart Card' (SCardSvr) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficent privileges to start system services.", stating that the computer’s system service SCardSvr could not be started. SCardSvr is the service that manages the use of a smart card on the computer.



To solve the situation it is necessary to connect an ID-card reader to the computer and restart the installation process. The reader does not have to contain an ID-card.

A change has been made in Windows 8, preventing a service from running without connecting a device (the card reader) required by the service



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