ID-card software known issues

List of known issues:

  • Latvian software v3.0 will not validate the .edoc file created by DigiDoc3 - Windows, OS X, Linux
  • Digidoc3 client doesn’t support system Proxy – OS X 10.13
  • Adding files to signing container using drag'n'drop on the network drive not working – Ubuntu
  • The PinPad card reader does not display code input timeout warning
  • Signing in e-services with Internet Explorer does not work with Windows 2008 R2
  • After renewal of certificates, Mac OSX users will encounter problems using ID-card in e-services with the browsers Safari and Google Chrome, because they do not support the new encryption algorithm (elliptical curves).
  • Ubuntu does not have a file extension or icon associated in eID software with .edoc and .adoc files.
  • In the case of wrong PIN-code with PinPad Card Reader, the operation must be restarted.
  • Internet Explorer Signing Extension Information is missing sometimes in the diagnostic snippet.
  • Because of the QT library error, DigiDoc3 Client and the ID card utility stop working, if you computer has one of the video cards from this webpage installed. To solve the problem, 1st remove eID software your computer and then install the 32-bit version which is available here.

17.12 (released 21.12.2017) corrections:

  • After renewal of certificates, encryption can not be used. The updated solution will be able to encrypt at the beginning of the new year. Corrected in DigiDoc3 client 3.13.5
  • The TeRa application does not support new certificates with elliptical curves and the application stops working.
  • Log on Windows domain fails, an error is encountered „the certificate was not found“.
  • Verification of Lithuanian signatures may be unsuccessful ("signature status unknown").
  • Mac OS X web components do not have RSA certificate support (i.e., ID card certificates issued before October 26, 2017). Corrected 27.02.2018


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