Signed on date is different in DigiDoc3 client main window and signature details window

In DigiDoc3 client it's possible that the "Signed on" time in the main window differs from the "Signing time" in the signature details window (picture below). This can happen when computers time or time zone was incorrect during digital signing. 

In estonia the correct digital signing time is the one displayed in the main window because thats when the certificate validity request was made (OCSP responce / validity confirmation time).

There are countries though that use the computers local time for the"signing time" . For this reason the local time is also saved in Estonia and is displayed in the signature details window.  

NB! This approach to signing time is up to DigiDoc3 client version 3.7.2 (included). Starting from DigiDoc3 client version 3.8 the digital signing time is displayed throughout according to the same rules. Detailed list of changes made in 3.8 version can be found here.


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