DigiDoc3 client and the digital stamp certificate issued on the crypto token

Aladdin’s USB crypto token with the digital stamp issued by Certification Centre is supported by the ID card software version 3.5 and newer. 

In addition to the ID card software, you also need to install the SafeNet Authentication Client software (you will get it when ordering the digital stamp from  Certification Centre).

The ID card utility neither displays information about the digital stamp nor offer any digital stamp related functionality. To change or unblock the PIN code, you need to use the SafeNet Authentication Client software.

Digital signing with the digital stamp

Signing documents with the digital stamp is identical to signing with the ID card. The only difference is that upon entering the PIN code the SafeNet Authentication Client's dialogue window is displayed.

  1. Open DigiDoc3 Client;
  2. Choose a document that you want to sign. DigiDoc3 Client will read and display the details of the digital stamp's certificate from the crypto token;

  1. Click on Allkirjastan (Sign). The PIN code dialogue window of SafeNet Authentication Client opens. Enter the PIN code of the crypto token;

A document with the digital stamp is created. You can also sign this document with the ID card. 

Decrypting of the file that was encrypted to the digital stamp

To decrypt a file that was encrypted to the digital stamp certificate, do the following:

  1. Double-click on the encrypted document (.CDOC file);
  2. DigiDoc3 Crypto reads and displays the details of the certificate from the crypto token;
  3. Click on Decrypt. The PIN code dialogue window of SafeNet Authentication Client opens. Enter the PIN code of the crypto token;
  4. The document will be decrypted.


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