HP laptops with fingerprint readers - digital signing and entering e-services is successful without entering PIN codes

If you are using Hewlett Packard (HP) laptop which has a build in fingerprint reader then it's possible that in some cases you dont need to enter PIN-codes to digitally sign or access e-services. 

This situation is caused by the HP ProtectionTools Security Manager software needed for fingerprint reader. The software automatically saves your PIN-codes when you first enter them.

For safe ID-card usage in these laptops you have three options:

  1. Use PIN-pad card reader. List of supported readers can be found here;
  2. Make sure that under Windows Security Properties the choice „Log on user automatically“ is inactive (example picture). If its active then uncheck it and confirm changes with "OK".
  3. Remove HP ProtectionTools Security Manager software.

NB! This situation could happen with another manufacturers laptops using similar hardware and software. When you don't have a HP laptop and experience similar security issues then please contact us  (+372) 666 8888.


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