DigiDoc3 client displays a warning about format error while signing a document

From ID-software version 3.8 there is a new status for signature validity field: NB! Signature contains warnings - Signature is valid (Warnings).

NB! Such container is technically faulty but the signature is legally valid. 

An additional warning is displayed when someone tries to add signatures to the faulty container: 


Please inform document creator of the faulty container since it is possible that these containers are still created by some information system or older ID-software and signatures can be considered either valid or invalid in these systems.  It is possible that opening these containers could be problematic with newer ID-software versions. 

Here are some reasons for the document to be considered faulty:

  • <DataFile> element is missing xmlns atribute. Technical information
  • JDigiDoc library error that causes created signatures XML X509IssuerName and X509SerialNumber elements to be in wrong namespace. This also happened while using DigiDocService or digitally signing in DigiDoc portal. 



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