Nothing happens when I double-click on ID-card software installation package (Windows)

Under some circumstances its possible that double-clinking on .msi packages does not work. The solution for ID-card software installation package is following:

  1. go to, download ID-software package and save it to Desktop;
  2. now open Start menu, and launch Command Prompt from (All) Programs -> Accessories

In Command Prompt enter following commands:

  • cd desktop and press Enter;
  • msiexec /i id-software_file_name_on_your_Desktop.msi  and press Enter (make sure the command ends with .MSI).

ID-software installation should now start.

Follow the on-screen instructions till the end and run ID-card utility to confirm that your ID-card can now be read. 

If you require help while installing the software then please watch the video instructions here.


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