Safari: digital signing in e-services fails

Most common reason why digital signing in Safari with eID card fails is that required plugin status is disabled.

If your OSX version is 10.10 or higher, then in order to enable the browser based signing plugin, launch Safari and click 'Preferences > Websites', where you have to configure plugin as it is shown on following picture:

If this article did not help you to solve the situation please inform ID-card helpline by calling  (+372) 666 8888.

NB! If your eID card was issued or if you renewed certificates after 26th of October '18, then it has new ECC certificates. New ID cards with ECC certificates work with macOS with the following web browsers: macOS 10.13.4 Safari, Chrome and Firefox, macOS 10.12 Chrome and Firefox, Mac OS X 10.11 is only supported by Firefox.


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