Numerous Estonian e-services and apps support Mobiil-ID and Mobiil-ID is compatible with computers, tablets and mobile phones.

When you use Mobiil-ID, you will no longer have to connect an ID card reader to your computer or install special software. You will no longer have to carry password cards or PIN calculators with you. A mobile phone and remembering your Mobiil-ID PIN1 and PIN2 codes is sufficient.

  • What can you do with Mobiil-ID

    1. Access web portals (use the PIN1 code):

    • banks (both online and mobile bank);
    • public and private e-services: state portal, e-tax board, company registration portal, DigiDoc portal etc.;

    Your gain: you only need to remember a single PIN code and can perform operations on your mobile phone, tablet and personal computer. Mobiil-ID is a secure way to access e-services.

    2. Provide digital signatures (use PIN2 code):

    • for example, when making bank payments;
    • e-elections;
    • concluding contracts.

    Your gain: digital signature enables you to perform operations electronically and paper-free. A digital signature is equal to a handwritten signature. All Estonian public offices are obligated to accept digitally signed documents.

    Read more about digital signature
    Read more about the DDOC software required for using Mobiil-ID and ID card

  • How Mobiil-ID works

    Mobiil-ID is a digital identity document on your mobile phone. If you have concluded a Mobiil-ID Agreement, you will receive a new SIM card along with your Mobiil-ID PIN codes.

    Codes necessary for using Mobiil-ID:

    • Mobiil-ID PIN1 code – for identification;
    • Mobiil-ID PIN2 code – for providing a digital signature;
    • Mobiil-ID PUK code – for unlocking locked PIN codes.

    Using Mobiil-ID:

    Mobiil-ID enables you to access e-services and provide digital signatures.

    Step 1: Select “Mobiil-ID” and enter the requested information (personal identification code / phone number / user ID).

    Step 2: the control code of the service is displayed on the screen and sent to you as a text message. Make sure the codes are identical!

     Step 3: Authentication/Digital signing:

    • To enter services use PIN1 code
    • To digitally sign use PIN2 code

    Help centre 



  • Mobiil-ID PIN codes

    When a SIM card with Mobiil-ID support is installed a Mobiil-ID menu for changing PIN codes is created. When possible change your Mobiil-ID PIN codes right after Mobiil-ID activation. 

    Help centre

    Illustration: Telia Mobiil-ID SIM card





    Illustration: Tele2 Mobiil-ID SIM card

  • Secure use of Mobiil-ID

    Similarly to using an ID card, the best practice of secure use must also be followed when using Mobiil-ID:

    • In order to ensure security, keep the Mobiil-ID PIN and PUK codes separately from the mobile phone and avoid other persons getting hold of the codes.
    • Do not scratch the PIN codes before you need them.
    • Scratch the PUK code only if you need it to unlock the PIN codes.
    • Do not use simple combinations (e.g. 0000, 1111, 1234, 2580, etc.) or your birth date, house or apartment number, etc. as your PIN codes.
    • If possible, change your Mobiil-ID PIN codes immediately after activating your Mobiil-ID.
    • If you lend your mobile phone to other persons, you must not reveal the PIN or PUK codes of your Mobiil-ID.

    Always remember that the digital signature you give using Mobiil-ID is equal to a handwritten signature, just like the digital signature you give with an ID card.

    In case you lose your mobile phone and/or SIM card, notify the mobile operator immediately by calling the customer service number of the mobile operator or visit their nearest store. The SIM card will be disabled, i.e. the use of your Mobiil-ID will be suspended.

    In case you entered the PIN code of your Mobiil-ID incorrectly for 3 times and it was locked, go to Mobiil-ID menu section “Cancel the block” and enter the PUK code.

    In case you entered the PUK code of your Mobiil-ID incorrectly for 3 times and Mobiil-ID was locked, consult your mobile operator, who will issue you a new SIM card.

    Find out how to change or unblock PIN codes.

    In case you wish to terminate the Mobiil-ID Agreement, consult your mobile operator.


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