How to apply for Mobiil-ID?

1. In order to apply for Mobiil-ID, first consult your mobile operator and sign a Mobiil-ID Agreement. Make sure you take along your ID-card.

2. After concluding the Mobiil-ID Agreement, you will receive a new SIM card.

3. Place it in the mobile phone and activate the service on the Police and Border Guard Board’s (PPA) website.

  • Concluding the agreement

    You can conclude the Mobiil-ID Agreement conveniently at the stores of Telia, Elisa and Tele2. It is quick.

    Bring a valid ID card or valid digital ID and an Estonian passport.

    In order to use the Mobiil-ID service, the mobile operator will issue you a SIM card that supports Mobiil-ID. Before changing your SIM card, we suggest to copy the data from your old SIM card to your phone. If necessary, you will be assisted at the store of the mobile operator. Your mobile phone number and services ordered from the operator will remain the same.

    Find Mobiil-ID PIN codes from the cover of the new SIM card, under the coated area:

    • Mobiil-ID PIN1 code – for identification;
    • Mobiil-ID PIN2 code – for digital signatures;
    • Mobiil-ID PUK code – for unlocking the PIN codes of a locked Mobiil-ID.

    In order to use Mobiil-ID, you will have to activate it on the Police and Border Guard Board’s website after concluding the agreement. Some mobile operators provide the opportunity to activate Mobile ID in their stores. Ask for help and more information from the customer service representative.

    Every person can conclude only one Mobiil-ID Agreement.
    The Mobiil-ID Agreement can be concluded from the age of 15.

    Keep in mind:

    1. When applying for Mobiil-ID, your ID card is valid.
    2. In order to activate the Mobiil-ID service, you must know the PIN codes of your ID card. If you have forgotten or lost the PIN codes of your ID card, you must apply for new codes. Read more.

    Read more about joining Mobiil-ID: 

  • Mobiil-ID activation

    After you’ve signed the Mobile-ID contract and received a new SIM card, you can activate Mobile ID at the homepage of  Police and Border Guard Board

    1. Insert your ID card into the smart card reader

    2. Make sure that your ID card certificates are valid.

    You can check your certificates validity in the DigiDoc4 client*. 
    Instructions on how to open the DigiDoc4 client are available here.

    If your ID card is valid, but certificates have expired or have been stopped/cancelled, contact Police and Border Guard Board.

    * DigiDoc4 client displays the certificates (incl cancelled and stopped certificates) as valid and ready to be used if the certificates have not yet expired. 
    You can check the actual status of your certificates in the DigiDoc4 client by clicking on „Load picture“. In case your certificates expired or were stopped/cancelled, you will receive the  "ID card certificate is not valid" message upon entering your PIN1 code.


    3. Login to the Mobile ID application environment using the PIN1 code of your ID card

    4. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen

    5. Activate Mobile ID using the PIN2 code of your ID card

    The envelope with PIN codes is issued with the ID card. If you lost or forgot your PIN codes, you will have to apply for the new codes. You can receive new PIN codes in the customer service points or service bureau of Police and Border Guard Board (the list of service bureaus can be found here).

    After activating the service you can use Mobile ID to enter online environments, sign digital documents and participate in e-voting. With Mobile ID you can also use various smart device applications, e.g. make online payments.

    If you need any help with activating Mobile ID, contact Police and Border Guard Board at the phone number 612 3000.


    We wish you pleasant use of Mobile ID!


  • Service price

    The monthly fee for the service is up to 1 euro, the state fee for Mobiil-ID (10 euros) is charged via mobile operator when joining the service. Find out more about special offers and prices from your mobile operator.

    Service Elisa Telia Tele2
    Joining Free of charge Free of charge Free of charge
    Monthly fee 1 euro 1 euro 0,99 euros
    Charge for use* Free of charge Free of charge Free of charge

    * When using Mobiil-ID abroad, a fee for sending a text message from abroad to Estonia per one Mobiil-ID operation (identification or giving a digital signature) will be charged according to your mobile package.

    The prices are presented according to the pricelists that were valid as at 01.04.2017.


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