ID-card generations supported in different ID-software versions

ID-cards have been issued in Estonia since 2002. During those years the ID-card has gone through multiple changes to visual security elements, design and to microchip-application. Microchip-application changes are primarily important for the developers. More information can be found in the EstEID microchip-application specification.

It's also important to know that the newest ID-card software supports all ID-card generations, while old software does not support new ID-cards. 

ID-cards issued between 2002-2006 were valid for 10 years and certificates had to be renewed after every 3 years. Starting from 2007 the ID-cards and the certificates are valid for 5 years. Digi-ID and e-resident cards and certificates are valid for 3 years. Residence cards are valid for 5 years but not longer than residence permit or the right of residence. 

Start of issuance Document type ID-card microchip-application version.  Supported in what ID-card software versions?
02.2002 ID-card 1.0 ver. 3.1 and newer
10.2010 digi-ID 1.1 Windows ver. 3.2 and newer, all others ver. 3.3 and newer
01.2011 ID-card, residence card 3.0 ver. 3.3 and newer
01.2012 ID-card, residence card 3.4 ver. 3.5 and newer
10.2014* ID-card, digi-ID, e-resident, residence card 3.5 ver. 3.8 and newer
25.10.2017** ID-card, digi-ID, e-resident, residence card 3.5.8 ver. 17.10 and newer
03.12.2018 ID-card, digi-ID, e-resident, residence card   ver. 18.12 and newer

* The issuance of ID-cards started in October 16th 2014 and issuance of residence card December 19th 2014. Digi-ID and e-resident cards ares issued since December 1st 2014.

** Elliptic Curve Cryptography


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