DigiDoc3 client alert: the renewal of Trust Service status List failed

When you open DigiDoc3 client, an error will be displayed:

The renewal of Trust Service status List, used for digital signature validation, has failed. Please check your internet connection and make sure you have the latest ID-software version installed. Do you want to use expired Trust Service List (TSL) for signature validation?

This error will be displayed when the renewal of Trust Service status List, used for digital signing and signature validation, has failed. It is possible to use expired TSL list, but in that case it might not be possible to verify some digital signatures.  If you choose "Yes" an expired TSL list will be used. If you choose "No", then all signatures will be displayed with status "Unknown" and digital signing will fail. 
Check that your computer has the latest ID-software, if not then renew it from installer.id.ee website. Problem could also be with internet connection, which is required for TSL list renewal. It's also possible that your employer or your internet service provider has blocked access to the address from where the TSL list is downloaded. Check the list of web addresses used by ID-software. 
Starting from DigiDoc3 client version 3.10 the certificate trustworthiness for documents in BDOC/ASiC-E format is determined with TSL lists ( Trust Service Status List ). TSL's are used for both document signing and signature validation. Automatic TSL list update is enabled by default - during every DigiDoc3 launch the check is made to make sure TSL lists are up to date and when needed they are renewed.
TSL list manual installation instructions for administrators can be found here.



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