Time-Stamping Service release notes

Below you can find descriptions of all the changes and additions that have been made in different versions of the service. 

  • Test-service: http://demo.sk.ee/tsa/
  • Production: http://tsa.sk.ee
 19.05.2016Time-stamp token now includes Accuracy ja TSA identifier information
  • SignServer software updated to ver 3.7
  • Started to use Java 8
3.604.01.2016Restricted using SHA-1 and SHA-224 hash algorithms in time-stamp requests. Supported hash algorithms are SHA-256, SHA-384 and SHA-512.
3.615.12.2015Time-stamp request can now contain policy identifier. Current service version supports only ETSI baseline time stamping poliy (OID
  • Timestamp token is now containing only TSA certificate instead of the full certificate chain.
  • The usage of "reqPolicy" parameter in time stamp request is not currently supported.
3.531.10.2014SK started to provide RFC3161 compatible time-stamping service




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