Can't enter e-services, PIN1 code and certificate are not asked (Lenovo computers - Superfish Inc. VisualDiscovery and Web Companion or AdFender for others)

When ID-card utility and DigiDoc3 client can read the document in the card reader but it's not possible to enter e-services, then the problem could be with some installed third-party software. 

Following software could cause problems when using ID-card:

  • Superfish Inc. VisualDiscovery (Lenovo computers)
  • Web Companion 
  • AdFender

To check if these software are installed and causing your ID-card usage problems: 

  • open Control Panel
  • choose Add or remove programs
  • now carefully read the program list and if you find Superfish Inc. VisualDiscovery, Web Companion and/or AdFender then remove them by right-clicking and choosing Uninstall

After software removal close all web browser windows and when you open them again you should be able to enter e-services. 

If the e-services fail even after uninstalling the software, then open the web address with each web browser witch you use and wait for 10 seconds. After the opening of a website and wait for 10 seconds. When the page display information other than the response "Good, Superfish is probably not your connections interception", please contact abi at id dot ee


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