Frequently asked questions about TeRa

  • What is a timestamp?
    • Timestamps have several uses, including in digital signatures to certify the existence of the document and signature at a given time.
    • A timestamp can be thought of as an envelope containing data with the time that such data were inserted affixed as a seal. The seal must be broken to change data, thereby letting us know whether data has been changed. Time stamps are used in digital signatures the same way. 
  • Why must digitally signed DDOC documents be time-stamped?
    • DDOC containers have become less secure due to technological progress. The TeRa application will generate a new container that will include the original document. The new time-stamped container will help detect the opening and modification of the old container. If parties have different versions of the same document, the time stamp will help identify which version is the original.
  • What is required for timestamping?
    • Computer with internet access (Windows/Mac/Ubuntu)
    • Your ID-card with PIN codes and card reader
    • TeRa timestamping application
  • TeRa application could not find any files on my computer that require stamping.
    • If TeRa is unable to find any files in DDOC format on your hard disk, then your signed documents are in up-to-date format and do not require stamping.
  • Which documents require stamping?
    • All files in DDOC format should be stamped that include documents the validity of which needs verification in the future. We recommend stamping all DDOC files on the computer to ensure that the validity of all the necessary documents can be verified in the future.
  • Can I continue using my computer while timestamping, e.g. for working?
    • You are free to use the computer for other purposes during the timestamping process. Timestamping with TeRa application requires minimum computer resources.
  • How long does stamping take?
    • Stamping takes about 1-2 minutes on a standard computer for a few hundred documents.
  • Why do I need to authenticate myself using ID-card before stamping?
    • Authentication with ID-card is currently required (free of charge) for preventing large-scale misuse of the service. In the future, when the period of free time stamps ends, authentication of the user is also required for invoicing.
  • Can I remove the ID-card from the card reader after authentication?
    • The ID-card must be inserted in the card reader and connected to the computer at all times during the timestamping process.
  • Can I delete the old DDOC files after stamping is completed?
    • TeRa stamping application creates a new file in ASICS format for each DDOC file that includes a time stamp and documents included in the DDOC file and therefore the DDOC files are no longer required.
  • Is stamping of files a paid service?
    • Adding a time stamp to DDOC files is free of charge within reasonable limits until December 31. Exceptions apply for large companies that have hundreds of thousands of DDOC files. In this case please contact us via e-mail help at ria dot ee
  • What is going to happen after December 31 2017, when distributing free timestamps will end?
    • After December 31 2017, everyone who needs to use TeRa application has to acquire timestamping service and pay for it by their own. RIA has used SK ID Solutions AS timestamp service provider.
  • Can another person stamp my files?
    • Another person can and is allowed to stamp your files using his/her ID-card.
  • Can I use someone's else ID card for stamping?
    • Lending your ID-card to another person to be used by him/her is prohibited according to ยง 157-2 of the Penal Code
  • Is it possible to download the TeRa application separately without using ID-card software?
    • TeRa stamping application can be downloaded separately from Github
  • Is my personal identification code or name added to the stamped document?
    • The name and personal identification code of the ID-card owner is not added to the new document. The ID-card is used only for your authentication in order to detect large-scale use of the service.



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