Windows: software installation ended prematurely with "Fatal error (8x0070643)", "Unspecified error (0x80072f19) etc.

If Open-EID.exe installation ended prematurely with Fatal error 0x80070643 or Unspecified error 0x80072f19...:

... then possible reason for this is op. system inability to overwrite registry entries of previous versions Open-EID software components.

As a possible solution try this:

  • download and open ZIP achive (improved on 19th January '18);
  • launch "clean-reg.reg" and accept with changes;
    • registry entries will be removed only for those accounts, who have administrator rights;
  • restart your pc (mandatory);
  • try to install Open-EID software again, should work.

IF there is still an error, then:

  • click on "log file" and save it to your desktop;
  • open "Start menu", type there regedit.exe and launch the application;
  • navigate to location "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Installer\Products\";
  • right-click on "Products", choose "Export" and save file to your desktop;
  • send installation "log file" and "Products.reg" to abi at id dot ee and wait for further instructions.


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