What do I need to use ID-card electronically?

 Electronic use of the ID-card is your key to a wide range of online services (e-services). A bank teller or police officer can identify you with your ID-card, passport or driving license, an ID-card with its certificates and PIN codes lets you prove that you’re you in an electronic environment. The Republic of Estonia guarantees the electronic identity, therefore allowing you to communicate with government agencies, make electronic transactions and much more with your ID-card.

To use your ID-card electronically you need...

  • the ID-card or Digi-ID – apply for your ID-card or Digi-ID at service offices of the Police and Border Guard Board. An ID-card application can also be sent by regular mail or e-mail. Digi-ID is a smartcard that is used interchangeably with the ID-card in electronic environment and can be issued separately or together with the ID-card.
  • PIN-codes – issued together with the ID-card. If the PIN-code envelope is lost, new one can be issued at service offices of the Citizenship and Migration Bureau.
  • a computer with an active internet connection
  • a smartcard reader – many newer computers have built-in card readers in the computer itself or the keyboard, otherwise you can buy one in a computer shop.
  • ID-card software – install it from https://installer.id.ee/ and make sure you always have the latest version of the software installed.
  • valid certificates - Validity of certificates can be checked in DigiDoc4 client*.
    If your ID card is still valid, but card certificates have expired/suspended/canceled, then we recommend that you contact the Police and Border Guard Board.
    *DigiDoc4 client displays certificates (including canceled and suspended) as valid and usable if they are not time-barred.
    Real-time control, which provides information about the status of certificates, can be done in DigiDoc4 client by clicking on "Load Picture".
    For expired, suspended, and/or canceled certificates the "ID-card certificate is not valid" message is displayed after the PIN1 is entered.

Most of the ID-card-based electronic services are also available for Mobile-ID users.


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