What is DigiDoc3 Crypto and how to launch it in Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

DigiDoc3 Crypto software is installed on your computer as a component of the ID-card software package and is immediately ready for use.

DigiDoc3 Crypto is the simplest solution for short-term encryption (i.e. to make information unreadable for anybody but authorized recipients) of any files (documents, programs, spreadsheets, etc.). Materials encrypted in DigiDoc3 Crypto using an ID-card get a high level of protection because they are legible only to the holder of specified ID-card authentication certificate. A secure container will be created upon encryption, i.e. a file with the .cdoc extension; the DigiDoc3 Crypto software is used to read (decrypt) this type of documents as well.

NB! From ID-card software version 3.8 the DigiDoc3 Crypto can be started from DigiDoc3 Client by choosing "I want to: Open DigiDoc3 Cyrpto".

An alternative to open DigiDoc3 Crypto is to doubleclick the .cdoc file in file manager.

Important! You must remember that the secured information will be lost if the recipient’s ID-card cannot be used for decryption (for example if the ID-card is lost, certificates are expired). There are two good options to avoid this problem: store the information openly at another location, unencrypted, or encrypt the information to a sufficient number of recipients, including yourself.

Read more about the encryption here.


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