How to unblock PIN codes using DigiDoc4 client?

Entering PIN1 or PIN2 code incorrectly three times will block it and you can't authenticate or digitally sign with your ID-card. Blocking can be revoked with your PUK code.

Although PIN1 and PIN2 (authentication and signature certificate) are unblocked in a similar way, you should still remember few rules: 

Permitted code lengths are different:

  • PIN1 code must be within 4–12 digits
  • PIN2 code must be within 5–12 digits
  • PUK must be within 8 – 12 digits

The new code must be different from the old code, only include numbers and must not partially or fully match your personal code.

To unblock PIN-codes, follow these instructions:

  • Open DigiDoc4 Client
  • Insert ID-card to the card reader and wait until your ID-card has been recognized 

  • Click on the "UNBLOCK" button. The relevant PIN code unblocking window will open.

  • Enter PUK-code.
  • Enter new PIN-code twice.
  • If the code has been unblocked successfully, the relevant message will be displayed.

From now on, use your new PIN that you just entered.

NB! Entering PUK code incorrectly three times will also block it. Then you can no longer unblock PIN-codes yourself and have to go to a customer service point where you will get a new PIN envelope. New PIN envelope is also needed if you have lost your old code envelope and have forgotten all of your codes. List of customer service points can be found at


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