I've received encrypted document, how can I decrypt it in DigiDoc4 client?

You will recognize a secure container by its file name extension .cdoc. The encrypted document is secure; only the recipients whose ID-card or Digi-ID certificates were attached during encryption can open it. 

To decrypt a file the recipient's ID-card or Digi-ID needs to be inserted into the smartcard reader.

To open an encrypted document double click on the file. DigiDoc4 Client opens if it is installed into your computer. If the software is not found, install it from installer.id.ee.


To remove the encryption you need to know the PIN1 code.

Click on the Decrypt with ID-card button in the secure container window and follow the instructions. Be sure to save the decrypted documents to the desired destination on your computer so that you could find them when needed.

NB! During the decrypting the contents of the encrypted container are copied to temporary folder (%TMP%, in Windows usually Windows->temp).

So when sending and then decrypting passwords or other sensitive information it should always be taken into consideration that there will be a copy of that information in the temporary folder only protected by the computer access passwords.  When required the files should be deleted manually from the temporary folder. 


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