Chromes signing plugin displays "Managed by your organization" notification

When installing the ID-card software, a signing module (Token Signing plugin) is automatically added to the Google Chrome browser. In this context, Google Chrome displays a "Managed by your organization" notification under the web browser settings.

The message stems from the automatic activation of the signature module with separate rules. This does not require the user to allow the module after each update.

How to remove this message from Windows.
1. First you have to go to the windows register. To do this, enter "regedit" in the start menu search.

2. Next, delete the following folders containing the registry key "ckjefchnfjhjfedoccjbhjpbncimppeg".

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Google\Chrome\ExtensionInstall\Forcelist and

3. After removing the keys, you need to install the plugin through the Chrome Web Store. To do this, go to:

4.Make sure the plugin is activated:

How to remove this message from Mac OS

1. Open Spotlight search and find and open terminal application.

2. Enter two commands in the Terminal:

  • sudo profiles -R -p -u 56789 
  • sudo rm -rf /Library/Application\ Support/Google/Chrome/External\ Extensions/ckjefchnfjhjfedoccjbhjpbncimppeg.json \ 

3. After removing the keys, you need to install Chrome "Token Signing" plugin througt the Chrome web store:

4. Make sure the plugin is activated:

5. Restart the computer.



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