How to unblock PIN1 and PIN2 using Mobile Application?

 To unblock PIN codes, follow these instructions:

  • Open RIA DigiDoc

  • Insert ID-card to the card reader and open section "My eID"
  • Wait until your ID-card has been recognized 
  • Choose "Forgot PIN1?" or "Forgot PIN2?"


  • Insert PUK code and the new PIN1 or PIN2 twice


  • Choose UNBLOCK
  • The PIN code will be changed and you will see a confirmation of the code change

Although the process of changing PIN1 and PIN2 codes is essentially the same, you should still remember few rules:

Permitted code lengths are different:

  • PIN1 code must be within 4–12 digits
  • PIN2 code must be within 5–12 digits

The new code must be different from the old code, only include numbers and must not partially or fully match your personal code.


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