DigiDoc4 Client error: Please check your computer time

The below error can be displayed when signing in DigiDoc4 Client.


Error details:

Error will be displayed in DigiDoc4 Client if the time of the computer used for signing differs from the time of the validity confirmation.

To fix this error, please make sure that your computer's system clock is set to the correct time, date and region.

To change the time, date and region a in Windows: click on the Windows logo in the down-left screen and type "Control panel". After entering to menu, go to "Clock and Region" and then click on "Date and Time".

To change the time, date and region in MacOS: click on time time in the upper-right of the screen and select "Open Date & Time Preferences". Before making necessary changes, make sure "Lock" icon is opened.

To change the time, date and region in Ubuntu OS: click on the "Show applications" menu on the down-left screen and in search bar type "Date and Time". Before making changes, make sure Automatic changes option is turned OFF.


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