The new microchip-application for ID-cards needs software updates


According to Karina Egipt, Chief Expert for the Identity and Status Bureau of the Police and Border Guard Board, taking up the new microchip, software restrictions have been eliminated by means of developing the microchip. Besides, the new microchip supports a stronger cryptography and offers increased capacity.

ID-card software version 3.8 or newer should be installed in the computer to electronically use new cards. There is no need to replace the ID-card reader. The ID software version running in the computer can be checked by opening the Diagnostics menu on the management tool for the ID-card. If there is not the necessary software version in the computer, the new software should be downloaded at the In case of technical failures, it is possible to contact ID-helpline 1777 or (+372) 677 3377, or get help via

Karina Egipt reminds you that software developers should consider the microchip application updates. She has said, “The amendments concern the services and applications that interact with the card directly, such as access control for internet banking, website service portals of   service providers, or card-reading terminals,”.

The technological information needed to make changes in the systems is available here.

If necessary, cards for testing can be ordered from the certification authority Sertifitseerimiskeskus AS.

As for digital identity cards and residence permit cards, the same chip-application will be taken up for them in December.

Source: Police and Border Guard Board


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