Implementation of ID-card

Everything you need for the electronic use of the ID-card.

Implementation of mobile-ID

All the information you need to sign up for mobile-ID.

What to do, if...

You wish to start using your ID-card electronically
Siit lehelt leiad samm-sammult juhised ID-tarkvara (sh DigiDoc4 klient) ning veebilehitseja tarkvara alla laadimiseks ning seadistamiseks, samuti hulgaliselt muid abistavaid näpunäiteid.
My PIN is blocked (locked)
Juhul, kui sinu PIN-kood on blokeeritud, saad selle DigiDoc4 abil taas mugavalt lahti teha. Selleks vajad oma PUK-koodi.
PIN codes: applying for a new code envelope
If you have forgotten your ID-card, digital-ID or other digital document PIN and PUK codes, you can order a new code envelope from the Police and Border Guard Board.
What to do if an ID-card or other digital document is lost or stolen?
Did you discover that your ID-card is lost or stolen? First, consider whether you have used it recently and left it in a slightly different place than usual, for example, on the desk? ​How you proceed depends on how sure you are of the theft of the card.
You wish to become a Smart-ID user
The free Smart-ID app enables you to log in to e-services, confirm transactions and bank transfers and sign documents: its possibilities are almost as vast a those of ID-cards, digital IDs or mobile-IDs.
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Useful digital knowledge

Apply for a digital ID card and use it instead of your regular ID-card! You can use your digital ID to perform the same electronic activities as you would with your regular ID-card, such as accessing e-services, giving digital signatures, etc. Most importantly, once you start using your digital ID in your daily operations, you can store your plastic ID-card away in a safe place. This way, your ID-card chip will not wear out, and your official identity document will never get lost!

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