Encrypting documents with RIA DigiDoc app

Encrypting documents for their secure transfer is very easy with the RIA DigiDoc app: you don't need to have a mobile-ID or to connect a smart device to an ID-card. It is important that:

  • Your smart device has the files needed for encrypting;
  • You know the personal identification numbers (or company registration numbers in the case of companies) of the people to whom you want to give permission to open encrypted files.

Step 1: Open the app

First, open the RIA DigiDoc app on your mobile phone and then select “CRYPTO” from the bottom menu. You will immediately be given the opportunity to start adding files for encrypting.

Step 2: Select files

Select the documents you want to add to the encrypted envelope by clicking on the “CHOOSE FILE” button. If you send multiple encrypted documents to the same recipients at the same time, you can add more documents to the envelope by clicking on the “+ ADD MORE FILES” button.

Step 3: Add recipients

Once you have added the necessary documents to the encryption envelope, you have to choose to whom you give permission to open the encrypted documents.

You need to know a person's personal identification number to give a private person a personal opening right. For organisations, you need either the registry code of the organisation or the exact name.

Add recipients by clicking on the “+ ADD RECIPIENT” button.

Then enter the required personal identification code or registry number in the search window that opens: add each recipient one at a time, and when you are sure that the list is complete, press the “CONFIRM” button at the bottom of the screen.

NB! Don't forget that if you want to open your encrypted documents later, you'll need to add yourself to the recipients!

Step 4: Encryption

After you have added recipients, you'll be taken back to the main encryption view.

Check again to make sure everything is correct:

Under “Container files” you can see all the documents that you can encrypt at the same time. Make sure all the files you need are added; to select more documents to encrypt you can click on the “+ ADD MORE FILES” button.

In “Recipients”, you can see the names of all those who have permission to open this encrypted document envelope. Verify that all recipients are added and that the data is correct. Don't forget, you can't add recipients to an encrypted document envelope later!

If everything is correct, press the “ENCRYPT” button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 5: Saving encrypted documents

NB! After encryption, the document envelope must be saved! To do this, click on the “SHARE” button at the bottom of the screen. You'll see a list of sharing methods: choose the most suitable.

If you exit the program or use another function, you can find recently encrypted files in the list of recent documents.

To open this list, click on the three dots icon on the right side of the RIA DigiDoc application and in the window that opens, select “RECENT DOCUMENTS”. In this case, this envelope can be opened and saved later.