PIN codes

Here you will find answers to the most common questions about PIN and PUK codes. For example, did you know that the original PIN numbers of your ID-card can be changed to the codes that are easier to remember? Or that you can use your PUK code to unblock your PIN?

  • My PIN is blocked (locked)

    If your PIN code is blocked, you can conveniently unlock it again with DigiDoc4 Client. For this you need your PUK code.

  • PIN and PUK codes: Security recommendations

    A code envelope with the PIN and PUK codes was given to you with your digital identity card. You cannot use the ID-card (or other digital identity cards) without them. Your certificates, i.e. your electronic…

  • Changing PIN codes and PUK code

    Digidoc4 makes it very easy to change the PIN and PUK codes of your ID-card: choose codes that are easily remembered by you but difficult to be guessed by others!

  • PIN codes: applying for a new code envelope

    If you have forgotten your ID-card, digital-ID or other digital document PIN and PUK codes, you can order a new code envelope from the Police and Border Guard Board.

  • Changing PIN codes of an ID-card in RIA DigiDoc application

    Have you forgotten your PIN codes or accidentally blocked them? RIA DigiDoc app, also known as the mobile app, allows you to change the PIN codes of your ID-card by connecting your ID-card to your…