Mobile-ID certificates are valid for 5 years and are issued together with a mobile-ID SIM card. Remember that you can change the PINs associated with your mobile-ID, but you cannot renew your mID certificates. This means that you will need a new mID SIM card to continue using your mobile-ID when certificates expire or when you change your mobile service provider!

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Certificates required for verifying digital signatures

In order to verify files that are digitally signed with an ID-card or a mobile-ID and/or digitally stamped, all of the root certificates, certifiers and OCSP-responder certificates used to date must be configured in the information system.

Mobile-ID certificates: general information

Mobile-ID certificates can be suspended, but not updated: in order to use the mobile-ID with expired or suspended certificates you have to replace the SIM card.

Suspending certificates

Suspending mobile-ID certificates

​If the phone connected to your mobile-ID is lost or stolen, you should immediately suspend the mobile-ID certificates in order to be protected from identity theft.

Trust lists

Using certificate Trust Service Status Lists (TSLs) in software libraries

Trust Service Status Lists (TSLs) are used in Libdigidocpp (v3.9 and later) and DigiDoc4j libraries. More information on TSLs can be found in the documentation.