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  • DigiDoc Java library – digidoc4j

    DigiDoc4j is a Java library for electronic signature creation and validation. Digidoc4j uses European Commission managed DSS software library as a base library. DigiDoc4j library source code can be found in GitHub – https://github.com/open-eid/digidoc4j.  For…

  • DigiDoc libraries – C++ library – libdigidocpp

    ​As of ID-software version 3.8, an additional multi-platform libdigidocpp library was added to the libraries designed for developers and integrators.

  • DigiDoc Java library – cdoc4j

    Cdoc4j is Java library for encryption and decryption of files, designed to replace the encryption and decryption functionality in the JDigiDoc Java library. All the information related to the digital signing library has been gathered to the project…

  • DigiDoc libraries: overview

    DigiDoc libraries can be used to create DigiDoc-compatible applications. An overview of DigiDoc libraries and file formats supported therein.

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    Digidoc4j library users are welcome to subscribe to our newsletter. Periodically, you will be kept updated on: incidents impacting services and applications that use the dd4j library, upcoming releases for dd4j, seminars and workshops for…

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    We invite all ID software users to join the RIA newsletter to stay up to date with the latest news. The newsletter contains information about: incidents affecting the libdigidocpp library, services using Web eID, and…

  • Using certificate Trust Service Status Lists (TSLs) in software libraries

    Trust Service Status Lists (TSLs) are used in Libdigidocpp (v3.9 and later) and DigiDoc4j libraries. More information on TSLs can be found in the documentation.