Encrypting and decrypting electronic documents or computer files is very easy with DigiDoc4 Client and RIA DigiDoc mobile app. However, keep in mind that encryption is intended for the secure transmission of information (via e-mail or other communication channels), and is not suitable for long-term file storage!

  • Decrypting encrypted documents with RIA DigiDoc app

    To decrypt documents using RIA DigiDoc, you need to first save the encrypted files and then make sure that the ID-card is connected to the smart device. Step-by-step instructions for decryption.

  • Encryption and decryption of documents

    Document encryption helps to protect the contents of files from unauthorised access: encrypted documents (with the extension .cdoc) can only be opened with the ID-card of a person authorised to do so. The contents of the document will remain protected from everybody else. For instance, encryption is necessary if you forward confidential information via e-mail and wish to maintain the confidentiality of the contents of the files if they should fall into the wrong hands.

  • Encrypting documents with RIA DigiDoc app

    Encrypting documents with the RIA DigiDoc app is simple: you don’t need an ID-card or a mobile-ID. You only need to know the personal identification numbers (or company registration numbers) of the people to whom you want to give permission to open encrypted files.

  • Encrypting large (120+ MB) files

    It is recommended to use the DigiDoc4 client for encrypting documents smaller than 120 MB. If you need to share large files securely, you need to find an alternative solution.