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  • Mobile-ID certificates: general information

    Mobile-ID certificates can be suspended, but not updated: in order to use the mobile-ID with expired or suspended certificates you have to replace the SIM card.

  • Mobile-ID PIN codes

    Mobile-ID PIN codes are issued with your mobile-ID SIM card. You will find the codes under the disposable surface of the SIM card cover. You will receive three codes with the mobile-ID supported SIM card.

  • Applying and activating Mobile-ID

    Application of mobile-ID presumes that you enter into a mobile-ID contract with your mobile operator for receiving a mobile-ID supported SIM card.

  • Mobile-ID: digital identity document on smart phone

    Mobile-ID is a SIM card based mobile identification document which is always with you when you have your mobile phone.

  • Using mobile-ID

    In order to use mobile-ID, you only need your smartphone and mobile-ID PIN codes. Today almost all larger e-services have mobile-ID support, providing the option to log in with an ID-card, and mobile-ID works on a computer, a tablet as well as a mobile phone.