• Data Protection Terms for the ID-software

    The Information System Authority’s document on data protection conditions explains how personal information is used with ID-software (including DigiDoc4 Client, RIA SiVa e-signature validation service, and RIA DigiDoc mobile application): what data will be transmitted, for what purpose and…

  • The Privacy Policy of

    Visiting The following data is collected and retained about the visitor upon visiting the website: The IP addresses are associated with any information which would enable the identification of the user. We collect data…

  • MyID portal

    The MyID portal provides information on Mobile-ID, ID-card, Digi-ID, and Smart-ID accounts, certificates, and transactions issued by SK ID Solutions.

  • PIN and PUK codes: Security recommendations

    A code envelope with the PIN and PUK codes was given to you with your digital identity card. You cannot use the ID-card (or other digital identity cards) without them. Your certificates, i.e. your electronic…

  • What to do if an ID-card or other digital document is lost or stolen?

    Did you discover that your ID-card is lost or stolen? First, consider whether you have used it recently and left it in a slightly different place than usual, for example, on the desk? ​How you proceed depends on how sure you are of the theft of the card.

  • How is a secure connection between an ID-card and the server established?

    We will explain how the secure connection between an ID-card and the server is established and shed some light on the possibility/impossibility of man-in-the-middle attacks upon the creation of this connection.