All electronic services used with the ID-card are also accessible to the users of the digital ID, residence permit card, diplomatic card, and e-Resident’s digital ID, and any instructions applicable to the ID-card also apply to them.

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ID-card documentation

Documentation of different generations of ID-cards: applicable standards and technical documents to review before developing ID-card services.

Reading personal data files from ID-cards

Information necessary for reading personal data from ID-cards issued since 2018

The new ID-card version will come with some changes for developers

As of 1 August 2021, the Police and Border Guard Board will be issuing new ID-cards which are equipped with biometric personal data according to the ICAO Doc 9303-1 specification ( The new ID-card version…

Chip application generations supported by different versions of ID-software

The visual security elements and design as well as the chip application of ID-cards have been changed over the years. Only the latest ID-software supports the latest ID-cards.


Personal identification with an ID-card

There are two ways to realize personal identification with an ID-card in your e-service: use the certificate authentication built into the browser (TLS client certificate authentication or TLS-CCA) or the new online authentication and signing…

Using ID-cards for logging in to Windows (Windows 10, 11 Windows Server 2016 / 2019 / 2022)

Instructions for configuring Windows domain for authentication of users with ID-cards, digital IDs and other digital eID documents

Digital signing

Signing with an ID-card

Several signing plugins have been developed for different operating systems and browsers: components and sample applications.

Certificates required for verifying digital signatures

In order to verify files that are digitally signed with an ID-card or a mobile-ID and/or digitally stamped, all of the root certificates, certifiers and OCSP-responder certificates used to date must be configured in the information system.

BDOC, CDOC and ASICE DigiDoc file formats

An overview of DigiDoc container formats supported by different versions and components of the ID-software can be found on the DigiDoc container format life cycle page. There is also a sample file for each format.


ID-card testing

To test ID-card solutions, we recommend ordering a test card* issued by SK ID Solutions AS. Please note that for authentication and signing in the test environment with an ID card, the identification and signing…

DigiDoc4 Client digital signing and signature validation with a test ID-card, mobile-ID and Smart-ID

In order to verify signatures given with test certificates in the DigiDoc4 client, you need to configure the test certificates manually. Otherwise the signature validation check will return the status “Unknown”.


Development of encryption solutions

In the world of ID-card, encryption means that one or more files requiring encryption are merged into one file with .cdoc extension, which can only be opened by the specified recipients with an ID-cards authentication certificate.