Smart-ID is a convenient and secure way to access e-services.

Smart-ID enables you to enter your Internet or mobile bank and other e-services securely and conveniently with your preferred smart device. You only need an Internet connection, as using Smart-ID is not related to SIM cards or mobile operators.

You need your PIN1 code for logging in to e-services; PIN2 enables you to sign your activities, such as bank transfers.

Read more about what to do when you want to become a Smart-ID user.

  • Who needs Smart-ID?

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    Smart-ID is a simple and convenient solution that enables you to log in to e-services, make bank transfers, confirm transactions and give digital signatures, etc.

    The advantages of Smart-ID are its ease of use and the opportunity to create an account on any number of smart devices – the solution is independent of the SIM card.

    Smart-ID is an ideal solution for those who:

    • wish to have another convenient option for electronic identification in addition to the ID-card;
    • need Smart-ID mostly for using e-services: entering the Internet bank and larger e-services and confirming transactions/activities there;
    • don’t need the option of signing and/or encrypting digital documents daily;
    • wish to get urgent things done on their smart phone;
    • want use across devices;
    • travel often and do not wish to or cannot always use an ID-card for accessing e-services.
  • Joining Smart-ID is easy:

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    Joining Smart-ID is easy:

    Detailed instructions can be found on the Smart-ID website, where necessary.

    1. Download and install the Smart-ID app

    You can download the Smart-ID app free of charge from the App Store and Google Play. Install it on your phone.

    2. Sign up for a Smart-ID account.

    The app alone is not sufficient: you also need to create an account in order to use a Smart-ID. The necessary instructions are displayed on screen, but make sure you have your ID-card or mobile-ID at hand before you start the registration process because you are going to need them.

    3. Authorise your account

    In order to personalise your account, you either need your ID-card or mobile-ID. You can personalise your account from any device. For instance, you can authorise your smartphone Smart-ID account on the computer. Step-by-step instructions are displayed on your phone screen.

    4. That’s it!

    Once you have registered an account, you can immediately start using your Smart-ID. You can use your Smart-ID to log in to most large e-environments (for example, banks, larger e-services, etc.) that support ID-cards and mobile-IDs. Unfortunately, Smart-IDs are not currently as common in Estonia as ID-cards and mobile-IDs.

    A detailed list of e-services that support Smart-ID.

  • Mobile-ID and Smart-ID: what is the difference?

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    What is their technical difference? Mobile-ID is SIM card based and works in the smart device where the mID SIM card is located – you can move it from one smart device to another. Smart-ID is an app or application and it works in the smart device where it has been installed, irrespective of the SIM card.
    How widely is the solution supported? All national services and nearly all private sector e-services that can be used with an ID-card have mobile-ID support. Smart-ID is supported by larger e-service providers, but there is still room for improvement.
    Who issues them? Mobile-ID SIM cards are issued by mobile communication operators; you must apply for certificates from the Police and Border Guard Board after receiving the mobile-ID SIM card. You can install the Smart-ID app on every smart device yourself: you must personalise the account with your mobile-ID or ID-card.
    How much does it cost? You can get more information on the state fees and service fees related to the use of mobile-ID from your mobile operator. At most, the monthly mobile-ID fee is approximately 1 euro. Downloading and using Smart-ID is free of charge.
    How can you join? To join mobile-ID, visit your mobile operator service point and take your identity document (ID-card or passport) with you. To join Smart-ID, download the app and create a Smart-ID account: you must personalise it with an ID-card or mobile-ID.
    What are the limitations of joining? In order to join Mobile-ID, you have to be at least 15 years old. More specific conditions are available from your mobile operator. Smart ID does not have an age limit, but the account of a person younger than 18 years of age must be authorised by a parent with their ID-card or mobile-ID.
    How long is it valid? The validity of mobile-ID certificates is five years. The validity of Smart-ID accounts is three years.

    It is good to know that you can use all solutions at the same time: ID-card, digital ID, mobile-ID and Smart-ID.

  • Smart-ID customer support

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    If you have any problems or questions, you will find a solution from the Smart-ID website

    Smart-ID 24/7 customer support:

    Smart-ID belongs to SK ID Solutions AS.