Estonia is extending the validity period of 32,000 digital ID cards


 If you have a digital ID card with a validity period of three years and it hasn’t yet expired then follow the instructions when you log into Estonia’s ID card software (DigiDoc4) from 1 November and you’ll receive a bonus two years before it expires. 

This applies to anyone with a valid Estonian digital ID card that was granted before 1 May 2018.

If the validity of your card has already expired then you have to renew it. If it was granted on 1 May 2018 or afterwards then it already has a five year validity.

Your cards current expiry date is printed on your card and shown on screen when you log into the DigiDoc software.

Those who can extend their digital ID card validity period will be notified by the latest version of the DigiDoc software, DigiDoc4, and also receive an email through their email address.

About 32,000 people are able to benefit from this extension of the validity period and the majority of them are e-residents, although some citizens and residents of Estonia also choose to have a digital ID card and will also be able to extend the validity period of it. If this includes you then you will see the option to do this online when you log into the latest version of the Estonian ID card software.

More information on the blog of e-Residency: