ID-card as an identity document

The ID-card is the primary identity document in the Republic of Estonia. It’s good to know that ID-cards are identity documents that are mandatory for Estonian citizens and citizens of the European Union who are permanently residing in Estonia.

When can you use an ID-card as an identity document?

In Estonia, you can identify yourself with your ID-card everywhere. Pursuant to law, all Estonian authorities are obliged to accept the ID-card and they may not demand the submission of any other document for identification purposes.

The ID-card can also be used as a travel document in the European Union. NB! However, a European Union national who is not a citizen of Estonia needs a document issued by their country of citizenship in addition to the Estonian ID-card!

Thanks to its standard credit card format, the ID-card has several advantages when compared with a passport – it fits in a wallet with other cards and will not become dog-eared like paper documents.

In order to apply for an ID-card:

Contact the Police and Border Guard Board if you want to apply for an ID-card.