ID-card certificates can be renewed until the end of this month


As at the beginning of March, the certificates of nearly 441,000 ID-cards have been renewed, more than 322,000 of which were renewed remotely. Certificates of ID-cards can be renewed until 31 March.

‘If the certificates of your ID-card are still not renewed, we recommend you to do so at the first opportunity. Those who do not have alternative means of authentication, such as mobile ID, should hurry,’ said Margus Arm, head of the electronic identity department of the Information System Authority (RIA).
‘We recommend remote renewal – renewing your ID-card certificates on your computer, above other methods, as this is the fastest and most convenient way,’ added Merlin Mängel, chief specialist at the Identity and Status Bureau of the Police and Border Guard Board (PPA). ‘Renewing the certificates on your home computer helps you save time, as you do not need to visit our branch.’
You can check whether your card requires an update at the website of the PPA: The most convenient way to renew your ID-card is on your home computer. In order to do so, please download the required software at and follow the instructions. If remote renewal fails for some reason or is unavailable, you can renew your ID-card at a branch of the PPA. Additional information on how to upgrade the certificates of your ID-card is available from the website and Estonian Police and Border Guard Board client support at [email protected].
The certificates of the following require renewal:
  • ID-cards issued since 16 October 2014;
  • residence permit cards issued since 17 December 2014;
  • digital ID-cards issued since 1 December 2014;
  • e-residency cards issued since 1 December 2014.
ID-cards issued since 26 October 2017 already have the updated software and do not need to be renewed. The certificates renewed after 24 October 2017 do not need renewal.
Certificates that are not renewed will be revoked on 1 April. Cards using such certificates can no longer be used to log in to e-services or to give digital signatures. Renewal of certificates is not required if you do not use the PINs of your ID-card. An ID-card is valid as an identity document until the date noted on it. ID-cards without renewed certificates can also be used as membership cards or for presenting digital prescriptions in pharmacies.

Source: Police and Border Guard Board