RIA recommends the introduction of Web eID in e-services


We recommend the introduction of a new solution for online authentication and signing of ID-cards in e-services – Web eID

In March 2022, with the ID-software update, Web eID has been adopted by over 70% of users. In order to ensure that all users can take full advantage of the more convenient and reliable functionality, the RIA recommends that service owners who have not yet done so should adopt Web eID for their e-services. To integrate the Web eID, changes need to be made on the e-service side. The library and samples for the Java, NET, and PHP platform are currently available. Technical specifications and other information on Web eID can be found here https://www.id.ee/en/article/web-eid/

In TARA, the Estonian authentication service, Web eID is scheduled to be introduced in June. We also encourage all users who have not yet adopted the new Web eID solution to update their ID-software.

The newest version of the ID-software can be downloaded from the following website: https://www.id.ee. Please address your feedback or questions to: [email protected].