RIA updated the ID software


On 19 April, the Information System Authority (RIA) released a new version of the ID software (2023.3), which, among other updates, no longer includes the possibility to download a photo of an identity document.

In the new version of the ID software, the ID photo download service has been made unavailable, which means that the DigiDoc4 client application will no longer display the photo of the user’s identity document. You can conveniently download your own photo from the state portal eesti.ee, so duplicating the same service in the DigiDoc4 client application is not practical. Via eesti.ee, this can be done in an even more user-friendly way thanks to the new citizen dashboard.

Key updates and changes to the ID software (version 2023.3):

  • support for MacOS 10.15 and Ubuntu 18.04 expired
  • the possibility to download the photo of the identity document of a DigiDoc4 client is no longer available
  • upgrades and improvements to screen readers;
  • updates to components and bug fixes.

More information about the amendments to the ID software: (https://www.id.ee/en/article/id-software-versions-info-release-notes/). The newest version of the ID software can be downloaded from the website https://www.id.ee.