RIA updated the ID-software


The Information System Authority (RIA) launched the updated version of the ID-software (2022.6) on 20 July. The most significant update is the end of support for Windows 32-bit operating systems.

The new version of the ID-software does not support Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2, and the 32-bit versions of Windows operating systems. The main reason for ending the support is that the necessary software components are no longer developed for the aforementioned operating systems, affecting the functionality of the ID-software in these systems.

The decision was also supported by user statistics. Less than one per cent of people used the ID-software with the aforementioned operating systems. The ending of support means that RIA does not test whether the ID-software operates seamlessly with the aforementioned operating systems and does not develop new versions for these systems. Neither can the help desk provide assistance in case of problems.

We recommend that those still using the aforementioned systems should update the operating systems of their computers and switch to the 64-bit version to continue using the ID-software. The list of operating systems supported by the ID-software can be found in the web portal of id.ee at https://www.id.ee/en/article/operating-systems-supported-by-id-software/.

However, if updating the operating system is not immediately possible, an application called RIA DigiDoc, developed for smart devices, can be used for adding digital signatures to documents. With RIA DigiDoc, you can quickly, easily and conveniently sign documents and verify the validity of digital signatures, encrypt and decrypt documents and open, save, and share files via a mobile device. Additional information about the RIA DigiDoc app is available here: https://www.id.ee/en/article/ria-digidoc-mobile-application/.

Key updates and changes to the ID-software (version 2022.6):

  • addition of the Ubuntu 22.04 ID-software support;
  • ending the Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 support;
  • ending the Windows 32-bit operating system support;
  • removal of the option to redirect eesti.ee emails from DigiDoc4 Client and to view these redirections, because it is more convenient to do it on the eesti.ee website;
  • updates and amendments to screen readers;
  • updates to components and bug fixes.

More information about the amendments to the ID-software: https://www.id.ee/en/article/id-software-versions-info-release-notes/. The newest version of the ID-software can be downloaded from the following website: https://www.id.ee.