SK ID Solution announces: DigiDocService will be replaced by the new mobile-ID REST API


All new e-services that wish to enable their customers to use Mobile-ID for authentication and signing will have to integrate their e-service or application with Mobile-ID’s REST API service.

For the moment, the change will only affect new customers joining the Mobile-ID service who, as of June 2019, are only able to integrate using Mobile-ID’s REST API since SK ID Solutions is no longer supporting integrating DigiDocService (DDS).

Those e-services that are currently using DigiDocService for signing or validating digital signatures will have the following options available:

  1. DigiDoc libraries: DigiDoc4j and LibDigiDocpp;
  2. Signature Gateway (SiGa) for digital signing;
  3. Signature Validation (SiVa) service for validating digital signatures.

Alternatively, third-party services, such as, are also available for both signing and validating digital signatures.

The Mobile-ID REST API, which enables customers to add Mobile-ID authentication and signing support to their e-services, is simpler than the previously used DigiDocService, based on the microservices architecture, and its functionality is better concentrated.

Technical information about the MID REST API is available here.

The differences between the MID REST API and DigiDocService can be found here.

More information: [email protected]

Source: SK ID Solutions AS