The ID-card helpline number will be changed on Sunday


On 1 July, Tieto Estonia AS will be the new provider of ID card support service. The new helpline number is +372 666 8888, and regular landline call rates will apply. Your calls will be answered on working days from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

According to Andrus Kaarelson, Deputy Director General of the Information System Authority, the main channel for information and support for the ID card is the website Solutions for issues concerning the software and electronic use of the ID card are available there.

‘We have started making preparations for a thorough renewal of the web environment so that assistance would be more easily accessible on the website. We plan to add online support to provide prompt assistance to people. The web environment will be updated next year,’ said Kaarelson.

Until now, AS SK ID Solution, who issues ID card certificates, offered user support. ‘They have an obligation to allow certificates to be suspended 24 hours a day and the user support of ID card shared the telephone number with the number for suspending certificates. Our experience shows that 80 per cent of calls are made to the helpline between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. The number of night-time ID card users seeking help is low and therefore, it is unfeasible to keep the helpline at work 24/7. We hope for the understanding of ID card users,’ explained Kaarelson.

To suspend ID card certificates, call +372 677 3377 or 1777. During the transitional period, calls made to these numbers will still reach the ID-card help centre. After a few months, it will only be possible to suspend ID card certificates by calling on these numbers.

Tieto Estonia AS, the new contractor for user support, has been providing technical support for major customers in Estonia and Scandinavia for many years. According to Anneli Heinsoo, Managing Director of Tieto Estonia, their team is international, diverse, and highly experienced. ‘I am very glad that Tieto Estonia can make their contribution to the development of the Estonian ID card,’ said Heinsoo.