The next version of the ID-card software will introduce several significant changes


The next version of the ID-card software (ver. 2020.09) will be made available for users this September. One of the most significant changes is the end of the support period of the time-stamping application TeRa.

With TeRa, users have been able to search for digitally signed documents in the DDOC and BDOC 1.0 format from their computer and add timestamps to them from the time server. The new time-stamped envelope helps to identify the opening and modification of the old envelope. If the parties have different versions of the same document, the time stamp will help to prove which version is the original.

TeRa was added to the ID software in June 2017 and was initially planned to be supported for a year, but this period was extended due to continued demand. By now, however, its use has decreased notably, leading to the removal of the TeRa application from the ID software and ending support. The end of the support period, in turn, means that the flaws and security issues of the application are no longer fixed and the user support cannot assist with any issues. The function of the time-stamping application has been added to the digidoc4j library so that software developers and system integrators could integrate it into their information systems by themselves.

In connection with the end of support for the TeRa application, the time-stamping service, provided via RIA’s cache server, will be shut down on 30 September 2020. In addition, the next version of the ID software will no longer support operating systems Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Ubuntu 19.10.

Key updates and changes to the ID software (version 2020.09):

  • removal of the time-stamping application TeRa from the installation package of the ID software and ending support
  • ending support for Ubuntu 16.04 (LTS) and Ubuntu 19.10
  • supplements and improvements of screen readers
  • supplements and improvements of the DigiDoc4 user interface

More information on time-stamping digitally signed documents is available here.